Garam Masala Studios

We make Bollywood movies into novels!


Garam Masala Studios publishes illustrated novels with spice. 

Our picture books, MG, YA, NA, and Adult novels meld the ordinary and fantastical with the ordinary. Our characters are on their own journeys and we invite our readers along for the ride. By being courageous we can overcome barriers in our worldview and within our societies to live in truth, relish the beauty of life, and experience connection and love.


Get excited and experience original fantasy worlds influenced by folk and pop culture, history, folktales, and myths from European, Eurasian, African-American, Latin, African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian diaspora.


Welcome home. We introduced grumpy djinns, dashing rogue pirates, and cuddly snakes as unconventional heroines and heroes. Our bold characters are more than archetypes they feel like family and loved ones. We are honored that readers can see past the surface of our characters who look like them and connect authentically through deep emotions, shared values, and lived experiences.


Garam Masala Studios has a distinct writing and illustration style that meshes conventional attributes of Shoujo, Josie, and Shonen manga, Black American Film and TV, Bollywood films, and Turkish and Pakistani dramas. We love innovation and strive to get our work in the hands of as many readers as possible by utilizing the up-and-coming digital formats of today's serialized novels, digital e-Books, audiobooks, web comics, and web novels.


Garam Masala Studios is an Oregon-based multimedia and electronic book publisher.

Our novels are accessible to western audiences and represent the influences of folk and pop culture, history, folktales, and myths from the African American-Black, African, Latin, Eurasian, Middle Eastern, and South Asian diaspora.

The term Masala Novel is borrowed from Masala Film in Bollywood which is a mixture of genres in a film.

Garam Masala Studios publishes fiction and nonfiction stand-alone, mini-series, and serialized:


We know our readers and listeners will want to revisit our worlds again and again and will remember their journey alongside our characters long after they finish reading.

Meet the founder & ceo and author-illustrator, Nahdiah