Storyteller, Writer, Artist, Mythmaker, and Founder & CEO of Garam Masala Studios, Inc. and Founder of Cool Storytellers Lounge


Nadia 'Nahdiah' Shaik is the Founder & CEO of Garam Masala Studios, an Oregon-based digital media studio that aims to tell stories in all areas of novels including short stories, visual novels, hybrid novels, audio novels, graphic novels, comics, and short stories or novellas, new experimental methods on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Since 2014, Nahdiah has worked on a variety of creative projects, and while in community college, Nahdiah began working as a freelance writer, actress, artist, and multimedia creative in Oregon.

As a lifelong writer and artist, Nahdiah is always creating the next opportunity to translate her everyday experiences into artistic expressions as entertaining, varied, and attractive products and projects.

Her written and artistic expression has gone through many phases over the years resulting in a highly personal approach and perspective. Her approach and output are constantly evolving as she hones her personal style.

However, she refuses to be typecast and works hard to ensure she does not repeat herself. She lives by the saying 'Dare to Be Curious'. No matter what, Nahdiah approaches each project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication.

Clients and Collaborations


Paradigm Professional Health Services


Safia of London


Dark Horse Comics + Portland General Electric

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Geeking Out About It! 60-Second History Host (2 episodes)


Instagram: Live With The Hive, Artist Takeover



Instagram: Parachute Community Spotlight

The Parachute Media


Internship Finalist of T. Howard Foundation


OC Arts Studio Black Art Scholar Recipient

Larissa Martanza's OC Arts Studio Graduate


Children's Book Academy Graduate

Co-Mod of Cool Storyteller's Lounge Creator Café Chats

America's Next Great Author Semi-Finalist